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Ken Hitchner is a NJ communications executive with 20 years of experience. Ken is highly experienced and educated in communications and has an MBA in marketing. Visit his website to learn more.

  • Tech Trends Expected Over the Next Decade

    July 20, 2021 by

    Technology has been constantly evolving for decades now. Over the past two decades in particular, we have seen major changes to our way of life come seemingly rapid fire. The growth of these advancements isn’t slowing down anytime soon. But what does the next decade look like? What are the biggest trends on the horizon?… Read more

  • How to Create an Emergency Action Plan

    July 20, 2021 by

    No matter how well we prepare, emergencies can and will happen. Natural disasters are more prevalent in some areas than others, leading to things such as fires and flooding. There are also chemical spills and gas releases. That’s not even accounting for workplace violence and civil disturbances. For that reason, having an emergency action plan… Read more

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