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The Advantages of Online Voting

You can do everything from sending money to setting your home’s temperature to interacting with your friends using an app. Why are some organizations still using paper ballots for their elections? Also, why do they make their voters go to a specific location to cast their ballots? Besides being more convenient, paper ballots also haveContinue reading “The Advantages of Online Voting”


How the Pandemic Affected Technology

COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world in various ways. It has also accelerated the adoption of technology by people as they tried to cope with the effects of the pandemic and sustain their businesses. While many people were busy juggling the demands of their professional responsibilities and at-home schooling, the pandemic accelerated technology adoption.  ArtificialContinue reading “How the Pandemic Affected Technology”

How Technology Can Help Improve Financial Literacy

There is one unfortunate reality that we as a society must accept and that is most people not being nearly as financially literate as they should be. The good news is that, with the help of technology, financial literacy has never been easier to learn. There are various ways in which technology can help promoteContinue reading “How Technology Can Help Improve Financial Literacy”

The History of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity began with an experiment. Bob Thomas was a researcher who discovered that a computer program could leave a trail as it traveled across a network. He sent one with a message saying, “I’m the Creeper: Catch me if you can.” Another researcher saw it and made it self-replicating, which was the first computer worm.Continue reading “The History of Cybersecurity”

Black Mirror Technologies That Viewers Hope to Never See

Black Mirror is a dystopian science fiction series that premiered in 2011. It rose to be a cult show, and it is appreciated for its dark humor, thought provoking narrative, and politics. It has shifted to mainstream fame, and people enjoy exploring the dark side of modern technology. Take a look at some of theContinue reading “Black Mirror Technologies That Viewers Hope to Never See”

Understanding Metaverse Marketing

In recent years, technology has been growing and transforming very quickly. They have developed innovations that were unimaginable in the past. The metaverse is a unique virtual environment that has started taking over the Internet. Virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming accessible for more people, and it produces value that was not seen before. Continue reading “Understanding Metaverse Marketing”

AI’s Role in Marketing

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is making huge strides today. It can boost the productivity in your business by as much as 40%. There are many advances in technology right now, and AI has shown itself to be a very powerful weapon. It allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Take a look at howContinue reading “AI’s Role in Marketing”

What Is an Algorithm?

An algorithm is a series of instructions that tells the computer how it should transform facts into useful information. The facts are data, and the data needs to become useful information. There are algorithms for everything, and they help computers perform their functions with routines. They are used for trading systems and pricing financial instruments. Continue reading “What Is an Algorithm?”

Creating a Secure Website for Your Company

When you have an online presence, customers can find you and have more confidence in your brand. It is important to make sure that security is a high priority when you build your site or customers may stay away. Take a look at how to create a secure website for your business.  Choose a QualifiedContinue reading “Creating a Secure Website for Your Company”

Five Technology Trends to Look Forward to in the Next Decade

Every decade brings with it the promise of new technological breakthroughs, and the 2020s are no different. These five technological trends in particular appear primed to push the boundaries of the tech sector and change the world. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning AI has been with us for a couple decades now, but it’s setContinue reading “Five Technology Trends to Look Forward to in the Next Decade”