The Growth of Speech Recognition Technology

Speech recognition technology has become very important for a number of different reasons. You might use speech recognition technology every single day to do things around the house. Whether you’re asking your smartphone a question or if you’re speaking to your AI to change the temperature of your room, you can see why this techContinue reading “The Growth of Speech Recognition Technology”

How to Plan Marketing Objectives

You need to be able to understand your marketing objectives so that you can find success throughout a marketing campaign. Your marketing objectives are going to be the smaller goals that you’re trying to accomplish on the way to meeting your large goal at the finish line. If you take the time to plan yourContinue reading “How to Plan Marketing Objectives”

The Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

There has been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence lately due to how prevalent certain forms of it have become. AI is increasing in popularity and many people will seek to use it in different ways moving forward. You might have also heard about machine learning and many people assume that this is theContinue reading “The Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence”

What Is Product Marketing?

If you aren’t familiar with the term “product marketing,” it’s going to be important to learn a bit more about it. Product marketing is basically about bringing a product to market and promoting it properly. For the most part, you’re going to start marketing a product once it has already been developed and is readyContinue reading “What Is Product Marketing?”

SEM vs SEO vs PPC: What’s the Right Balance for Your Business?

SEM. SEO. PPC. What’s the best mix for your business? The question is more complicated than it might first appear. After all, who wouldn’t want to optimize their SEM, SEO, and PPC efforts? But limited budgets, limited capabilities, and limited expertise can be obstacles—particularly if you’re stronger in one area than another. Let’s discuss whatContinue reading “SEM vs SEO vs PPC: What’s the Right Balance for Your Business?”

How to Prepare for 5G Technology

There is a good chance that you have heard about 5G technology already. Many people have been touting 5G as the next big thing in tech for a long time. It is coming down the pipeline soon and it’s going to be smart to prepare for it as best as you can. Keep reading toContinue reading “How to Prepare for 5G Technology”

Tips for Creating a Successful PR Plan

Developing a solid PR plan is going to help your business to succeed. Some businesses make the mistake of not taking PR seriously enough. It’s such a crucial part of your success, and you should take the time to develop a plan that will work for you. Take a look at the following tips thatContinue reading “Tips for Creating a Successful PR Plan”

The Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology continues to evolve and many businesses have invested a lot of money into making sure that it succeeds. Bitcoin was the first decentralized electronic money system to gain traction, but today there are many others. People like the idea of having a secure place where they can exchange currency. If you’re curious aboutContinue reading “The Benefits of Blockchain Technology”

How Has Public Relations Evolved?

Public relations have been an important part of business for a very long time. You probably have a good understanding of what PR can do for your business already. Has public relations evolved much in recent years, or are things still similar to how they have always been? Read on to examine this topic andContinue reading “How Has Public Relations Evolved?”

6 Tips to Help a Struggling Small Business Stay Afloat

It’s a fact that most new small businesses struggle. It’s part of the process. And though some don’t ultimately survive, those that can power through early problems can emerge strong (and profitable). Still, reaching that point is difficult, particularly in a rough business climate. However, there are certain steps you can take to keep youContinue reading “6 Tips to Help a Struggling Small Business Stay Afloat”

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